Competent. Credible. Compassionate.

Immigration, Deportation Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy & Personal Injury.

CHUA TINSAY & VEGA (CTV), APLC is a full service law firm with core practice areas in immigration, deportation defense, family law, bankruptcy, and personal injury. We are located in San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento and Manila.

Competent. Credible. Compassionate.

Over 25 Years of Legal Experience

Immigration Lawyers with Offices in California and Manila.

With over 25 years of legal experience, in Philippine Law as well as United States Immigration Laws and California law, we as attorneys have dedicated our lives to the practice of law. Each case is important to us and we are committed in ensuring a zealous and competent representation of our clients. Each case is handled personally by a licensed attorney. Each individual who may be looking to retain our services can check with the State Bar to see if we are in fact authorized to practice law. No two cases are exactly alike. The best way to know how to tackle your legal issues is to consult with a licensed, experienced, and competent attorney. We here at CHUA TINSAY & VEGA look forward to guiding you through your legal issues to assess what options might be available to you. Call or email us to set up a consultation appointment.

Over 25 Years of Legal Experience

Credible. Competent. Compassionate.

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what our clients are saying

The Attorney was always there in person, telephone or email to answer any questions or concerns that arose.

Now I am reunited with my daughter and I can see my grandchildren play and be with them while they grow up.

It was a great relief for me to have attorneys who were knowledgeable and able to quickly process the immigrant visas of my family.

They guided me through every step of the process and were quick to follow-up with the U.S. Embassy abroad when my wife’s immigrant visa was delayed.